Let’s face it, our cities are fucked! // Body is Construct – Episode 5

by Letizia Chiappini


Body is Construct is a project which tackles hybrids about sexuality, technology, society and the self, started in 2021. It consists in a series of podcast hosted by Phoinix Liv, crossing over from Not Your Narrative initial project by Phoinix Liv. In episode 5, in 2021, Phoinix Liv is in conversation with Letizia Chiappini, a founding member of the Slutty Urbanism Collective. Letizia is an Urban Sociologist living, learning and teaching out of Amsterdam, and Assistant Professor in Digital Geography at the University of Twente. In this episode we catch up on where she’s at with her body of work and thoughts right now. Data, urban digital platforms, and platformization as a transformative process, are the topics that motivated her in co-founding the Slutty Urbanism Collective. Here we’re talking platforms and platformization. Letizia and the Slutty Urbanism Collective presented their three-act-play, Glitches From The Pandemic, and discussed The Future is Public: Activism in The Age of Platform Capital as part of the 2021 Venice Biennale of Architecture.